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The Wiener Stadtorchester is an esteemed musical ensemble that boasts a rich history and impressive roster of musicians from the Viennese music scene. As a city renowned for its musical heritage, Vienna has produced many influential composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Bruckner, and Mahler, cementing its status as a "world music city". Even modern classical composers, such as Arnold Schönberg and Gottfried von Einem, have called Vienna their musical home.

The Wiener Stadtorchester, founded by the Vienna Cultural Association, captivates its audiences with their energetic stage presence and impressive sound. Under the current music director, Prof. Christian Schulz, the orchestra places a strong emphasis on the tradition of Viennese sound, while also incorporating contemporary classical music through new compositions. The orchestra is committed to music education, regularly integrating their concert formats with young international soloists. The annual New Year's Concert, a cherished event in Vienna's musical calendar, is an integral part of the orchestra's performance schedule.

In 2021, the Wiener Stadtorchester welcomed Maestro Christian Schulz as its Music Director and Chief Conductor. His leadership has been instrumental in continuing the orchestra's legacy of musical excellence and innovation.

Sponsors & Cooperations:

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